Bevel gear cutting machine straight

Make: STANKO -Russia
Type: 5C276 P
New: 1989
Condition: factory packing, never used, in our stock

Technical details
Machining is performed by two reciprocating tools
according to the methods of generating and plunging
Max diameter of machined article 500mm
Max outer circular module 10mm
Max outer tapered distance 250mm
Max width of ring gear 80mm
Least angle of dividing taper 5
Number of teeth in article 10-150
Frequency of double travels of sliders, double travels 48-400min
Angular speed of feed by generating 0.3-6.0
Power capacity of electric motor of main motion 4.0kW
Total power capacity of available electric motors 13,3kW
Overall dimensions of semi-automatic machine
with standing alone plant of hydraulic drive and
Electric cabinet 3400x3300x1995mm
Weight about 9395kg

Full set changeable gears (as per the specs.) total 112 pcs,
copying gauges - 4 pcs, adjusting gauge 1 set, tools and other
accessories, chip conveyor, set of spare parts, accessories
cabinet , service manual.