Type: 2A622-1
New: 1978
Condition: little used ,very good condition,
in our stock, under reconditioning

Technical details:
Spindle dia: 110 mm
Spindle taper: 50 mm
Maximum weight of workpiece 4000 kg
Spindle speed range: 10-1250 rpm
Table surface: 1120?1250 mm

Max. strokes
-Spindle stroke (W): 710 mm
- Spindle stock stroke (Y): 1000 mm
- Longitudinal table stroke (Z):1000 mm
- Cross table stroke (X): 1250 mm
Feeding range: 2-2000 mm/min
Faceplate dia: 360 mm
Max traverses faceplate 100 mm
Faceplate speed range: 10-250 rpm / 15 steps
Max dia of hole to be bored 320 mm

Thread cutting range
- metric 1-10 mm
- inch 4-20 winding in inch
AC Main motor power 11 kW
Total power: 25kW
Weight: 17 000 kg
Overall dimensions: 6100 x 3950 x 3200 mm

Ball-screw in X/Y/Z axis
Detachable Face-Plate
DRO in 3 axis
Machine is equipped with DC feeding motors in 2 axis X/B & Y/Z/W/U

Machine can be retrofitted in 3 ways
1. new electric cabinet with PLC control
-new DC regulator and DC feeding motor
-new linear scales in 3 axis
-new DRO with pre-setting
2. new electric cabinet
-new 2 pcs DC regulatot and DC feeding motors 4MTB 37NM
-new linear scales in 3 axis
-new Heidenhain TNC 320 control X & Y/Z/W