Make:     STANKO - Russia
Type:       5K32A
New:       1977
Fa. No:    8551

Condition: very good condition,in our stock
Technical details:

Max external length of the gear 350 mm
Max workpiece dia 800 mm
Max external face modul 10mm
Max tooth width 350 mm
Min number of tooth 12
Helix angle of the helical gear 60
Diameter of the table 630mm
Distance between table and hob axis 80 to 500mm

Distance between table surface and hob axis 210 to 590mm
Max hob size:
-Diameter 200mm
-Length 200mm
Distance of the main spindle 319 mm
Hob spindle speed 50-310rpm
Number of hob spindle range 9
Feed range:
-Longitudinal 0,8 to 5mm/rev
-Radial 0,3 to 1,7mm/rev
Tightening cone of the main spindle morse taper 5
Main motor power 7,5 kW
Machine overall dimensions 2800x1510x2000mm
Machine weight 7500kg

Cooling system, set of changeable gear wheels,
arbor dia 32 for hob.